Viveros Río Eresma

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We are a strawberry plant nursery with over 35 years of experience in cultivating the best possible strawberry plants.

We produce plants that are the source of attractive, tasty, and healthy fruit.

From our fields in Segovia, we sell our plants to leading strawberry producers and growers in Spain, Italy, Morocco, Algeria, Greece, among others.

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We cultivate using traditional techniques, and this is reflected in the final quality of the product.

We conduct thorough monitoring of the growth of our plants and possess a deep understanding of each one.

Certainly, at Viveros Río Eresma, the care and the know how is transmitted to the quality of the plant.


We know perfectly what we are planting, and you will notice this in the quality because we know when to harvest, how to treat, and when to ship.

Of course, we also advise you on the most interesting varieties at any given time.


The unbeatable location of our fields in Navalmanzano (Segovia), within the largest strawberry plant production area in Spain, allows us to cultivate under soil conditions and a climate that benefit the quality of the plant, and this ultimately shows in the fruit production.


For us, each customer is unique and has specific needs. That's why we treat them as such.

Expert, as well as familiar, close, and personal treatment, is part of our identity.


We are convinced that to become an expert professional in something, it is necessary to constantly deepen knowledge and experience.

Of course, in our operation, we also cultivate other plants (such as asparagus).

However, it is a complementary crop, entirely subordinate to the production of certified strawberry plants.


At Viveros Río Eresma, we cultivate with heart.

We are committed to consistently producing strawberry plants that yield fruit with the quality our customers demand in terms of earliness and productivity.

Our purpose is to be leaders in the cultivation and distribution of strawberry plants, while concurrently seeking innovation in sustainable models for the future.

We work efficiently and professionally to contribute to the development and sustainability of the environment in which we operate and its various stakeholders.

We act with transparency and integrity, sharing the information we have and consistently doing what we say.

For us, this boils down to acting in good faith. 

The team at Viveros Río Eresma is characterized by the courage that allows us to uphold our purpose beyond obstacles and the commitment to act in accordance with these principles outlined here.