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Viveros Río Eresma's commitment to the quality of the plants we produce and the transparency we apply to all our actions leads us, to maintain, the strictest quality controls.

To achieve this, we generate QR codes that accompany all plant processes and ensure that we know the traceability of each plant from cultivation to delivery. Additionally, we regularly audit the quality of the plants and produce technical reports that include all the information about the production process regarding planting, development, uprooting process, and storage of our plants.

In this way, our customers have the assurance that the plants they receive are in optimal conditions to produce quality fruit.


If you already know us, or you've been browsing this page for a while, you'll have noticed that the productivity and quality of the strawberries produced by our plants are as important to you as they are to us.

To achieve this excellence, our goal is to control the quality of the plant material from the initial material to the mother plant.

At Viveros Río Eresma, we are a selective nursery, so we have both a Foundation nursery and an InsectProof for the development and control of the initial material, thus guaranteeing the origin of our mother plants.


We cultivate plug trays from our best fields through a handmade process of cutting runners.

Using different formats, substrates, and techniques tailored to each variety, we achieve top-quality plug trays.
We are leaders and pioneers in the cultivation of this product.

Our experience and facilities enable us to send these plants directly to your fields, ensuring early fruit production without compromising quality.


We plant the best mother plants in our fields in Segovia, where they grow under soil, altitude, and temperature conditions that are highly suitable for the proper development of the plant.

At the optimal moment, these plants are harvested, selected, and transported bare-root to our customers' fields where, thanks to generally warmer climates, the plants produce a great quantity of high-quality fruit.

We offer a wide range of bare-root strawberry plant varieties and provide guidance on the best ones for your field based on your needs.

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We harvest the plant in December and store it in our cold chambers at the optimal conservation temperature.

This type of preservation, which makes the plant very resilient, allows us to deliver our plant to anywhere in the world you may need it, in optimal quality conditions.

Once the plant reaches your hands, you only need to "wake it up" to get it ready for planting in your field.